Profile height 35 mm, useful and full width - 1080/1120. It is profiled from galvanized steel with a polymeric covering and without it, and also from aluminum-galvanized steel with a polymeric covering, in thicknesses: 0,45; 0.5 mm. Used as a cladding material outside and inside buildings, roofing material for pitched roofs.

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ecking (profiled sheet) - a universal finishing and roofing material produced by the method of profiling (corrugation) of galvanized steel sheet and is one of the best finishing materials in terms of price and performance.

Decking can be made with a polymer coating, has a protective - decorative function, and without it - galvanized. Different types of corrugated flooring differ in height and shape of the profile, the thickness of the steel sheet.

Decking combines strength, light weight, ease of installation, durability and attractive appearance of the final product at a low cost compared to other materials. Depending on the height of corrugation differs stiffness and strength of the sheet, and the purpose of corrugated board: bearing corrugated board (marked with the letter "Р"); wall corrugated board (marked with the letter "C").

Sheet length (mm):
300 - 10000
Metal thickness (mm):
0,3 - 0,55
Overall sheet width (mm):
Useful sheet width (mm):
Wave height (mm):
Material (-):