The Honorata metal tile is a premium segment roofing material, the total wave height reaches 25 mm. The profile height gives the roof an expressive shape, outwardly repeating the classic natural tiles. This metal tile is available in two versions of wave pitch - 350/400 mm and two versions of shear wave heights - 15/20 mm. trtrtr

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Each person has a desire to differ from the template formats, to look more modern and spectacular. The calm flowing lines of Honorat's metal tiles resemble the ancient masonry of clay shards, called “monk and nun”. The alternative form quickly caught the interest of home builders due to its unique design and affordable cost.

The metal tile of Honorata is made of metal with a thickness of 0.45 mm. Zinc in the amount of 100 grams per square meter acts as an anticorrosive coating on both sides of the sheet. On the front side, a protective and decorative coating is applied glossy Polyester 25 microns thick.

Sheet length (mm):
450 - 6050
Metal thickness (mm):
0,45 - 0,50
type of coverage (mm):
Overall sheet width (mm):
Useful sheet width (mm):
Wave step (mm):
350 - 400
Height of stamping (mm):
15 - 20
Wave height (mm):
Material (-):