Metal tile Modern is a lightweight, durable and easy-to-use coating. The total wave height reaches 30 mm. The outer coating of the metal tile is durable and can be painted in different colors. This metal tile is available with a wave pitch of 350 mm. The maximum sheet length is 6000mm.

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Modern metal tile is one of the most modern roof design solutions. The highlight of this design is the "cut" waves, which give the metal tile a more square, crisp shape, and the rounded grooves between the waves add tenderness. The metal tile is made of galvanized steel, which protects the roof from corrosion, and with a double-sided polymer protective coating, which keeps the look of novelty for many years. During production, several protective coatings are applied to the surface of the Modern metal tile to increase its useful life. And the modern design of the Modern metal tile will be in fashion for many years to come.

Sheet length (mm):
500 - 6000
Metal thickness (mm):
0,45 - 0,50
type of coverage (mm):
Overall sheet width (mm):
Useful sheet width (mm):
Wave step (mm):
Wave height (mm):
Material (-):