The company «Metalofasad»

Our company is engaged in the manufacture of corrugated board, metal tiles and other products from sheet material on modern European equipment, using high-quality materials, a large selection of colors and short production times. Today we have modern equipment of the "DACHPOLL" company operating: a line for the manufacture of metal tiles "Honorata" and "Premium" and lines for the manufacture of profiles PS-8, PS-20 і PK-20, PK-35, PK-45, PK-57, PK-92, PK-135 which allows us to ensure accurate geometry and high quality products.


For the manufacture of metal profiles, we use galvanized, alumino-galvanized metal and polymer coated materials (polyester and matpolyester). For production, we purchase metals from Poland, Germany, China and Ukraine. The metal has a thickness of 0.3-0.5 mm.


Metal tiles are a popular, practical and affordable roofing material for both individual and industrial construction. From the aesthetic point of view, metal tiles are capable of transforming even the most uncomplicated building, giving it a special flavor. Our company produces metal tiles in a wide range of colors.


Profiled sheeting (metal profile) - facing sheets made of galvanized steel with color and polymer coating, is becoming more and more popular among modern facing and roofing materials. The scope of application is practically unlimited. The metal profile can be used for exterior decoration of building facades, roof overlap, fencing, for interior wall cladding of industrial buildings. The quality of the production of the corrugated board guarantees this material a long service life and an attractive appearance.

During its work the company "Metalofasad" has won the trust of many customers, thanks to the high quality of its products. The majority trusts us - you can also trust us.

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