Which is better: a metal profile or a metal tile?


Which is better: a metal profile or a metal tile?

Choosing a roofing material is not an easy task, because you want the roof to be strong, reliable and beautiful, but at the same time, it does not cost a lot of money.

Let's try to answer the question, which is better metal profile or metal tile?

The comfort of the home largely depends on the quality of the roofing. Therefore, the choice of a material for roofing - is not easy and requires careful analysis.

Metal roofing is the best solution for many developers. This coating is durable and, due to the presence of protective coatings, lasts a long time.

But which is better, a metal tile or a metal profile? Let's try to understand the problem by finding out the advantages of each of these materials, as well as paying attention to their disadvantages.

Decking for roofing

This roofing material is called differently - metal profile, corrugated board, profile, etc. It is distinguished by the thickness of the sheet, the height of the ribs and the step between the ribs.

In industrial construction is used mainly galvanized corrugated board, and in the construction of private homes - a material with a polymer coating.

Advantages of a metal profile

  • This roofing material has a number of undeniable advantages, making it very popular among private developers.
  • The advantages of corrugated board include:
  • Simple installation technology that allows home builders to carry out work on their own;
  • Light weight of sheets that allows carrying out works without involvement of equipment;
  • High anticorrosive qualities, resistance to atmospheric influences and ultraviolet;
  • Durability of a covering and its high tightness;
  • External attractiveness, due to the presence of a colored polymer layer;
  • Resistance to ignition.

In addition, in contrast to such a popular roofing material as metal - metal profile has a democratic price and is perfect for budget construction.

The disadvantages of corrugated roofing, apparently, include the high noise level during the rain.

Metal tile for roofing

Metal tile is one of the most popular types of roofing. The appearance of the material mimics a natural tile coating, so it looks extremely attractive.

Manufacturers produce metal tiles in different colors, so each developer can choose the material that is most suitable for his home.

Advantages of a metal tile

  • Light weight. So, the square meter of a covering from a natural tile weighs approximately 40 kg, and a metal tile - 4,5 kg;
  • Durability (the warranty period for some samples of material is 25 years, and the service life can reach half a century);
  • Simple installation technology;
  • Fire safety;
  • Great appearance. The developer has the opportunity to choose not only the color of the coating, but also its texture (matte, glossy, metallic and others)

The disadvantages of metal include the fact that during the rains the roof creates a lot of noise, as well as a fairly high price, if you compare the roofing materials metal profile - metal.


Thus, it is impossible to give an exact answer to the question. The developer will have to decide for themselves: metal or metal profile - which is better for the construction of his house?

If the external attractiveness in combination with reliability is very important for the buyer, but at the same time, he is not very limited in means, he can be advised to choose a metal tile.

With this material it is easy to create a roof that mimics a natural tile coating, especially if you choose a variety with a hidden mount.

If for the customer in the first place is the reliability of the roof and its affordability, and the aesthetic component, although included in the list of necessary parameters, but not put in the first place, the best choice will be a metal profile.

Keep in mind that buying a roofing material alone is not enough to create a roof.

We also need materials for waterproofing and insulation, as well as a variety of selective elements, special fasteners, and such necessary accessories as snow guards, pins for antennas and ventilation pipes, etc.

It is desirable to buy roofing material and all these components from one supplier so that they do not differ in color.


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